All our items on our branded cards are packed in a cardboard box, depending on the item. If the item is delivered by courier service, we additionally pack the item in a larger box.

Gift Packaging

If you want to buy and send jewelry as a gift, please write to us. We will include a greeting card in the order with warm words from you.


We operate on a 100% prepayment basis. You can pay for your order by sending money to a Sberbank or Tinkoff card. More detailed information can be obtained in the feedback letter after placing your order.


We are not responsible if the product was used improperly. Please read our recommendations for the use and care of jewelry.

To ensure that it brings joy and becomes a favorite, we ask you to carefully select it. Look at the pictures, estimate the size and try it on. We are currently preparing a file with samples and sizes of our jewelry. By printing and cutting out the shapes, you can apply the desired model to yourself and imagine it in your look.

We sincerely want nothing more than to please you. And we do everything with great love and care.

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