Double Sided Pendant Droplet Woman+

Slonvish pendants are not just jewelry, they have a special significance and symbolic meaning. We understand that pendants mean more to you than just jewelry. They are an expression of your personality, elegance and style, as well as a symbol of your unique life.

Our double-sided pendants will become favorites in the SLONVISH collection. They allow you to change the image of one piece of jewelry twice.

Black and white
Blue and Red
Yellow and Light Blue

The decorations are made of wood. This makes them very light to wear. Even the largest models will not cause any inconvenience.
Every detail is filled in manually.
Each decoration is covered with resin on all sides.

Gift wrapping is an illustration.

Коллекция: Basic

Размер: 20мм

Форма: Капля

Кого порадуем: Woman+

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